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1 Unit Intranasal LED


Improve your health and wellbeing by intranasal light therapy.


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  • Vielight The LifeLight 633 red

    Operating Instructions

    Each treatment session lasts 25 minutes. One session per day is recommended. it can be used at any time but bedtime may be the most convenient. The unit will automatically swtich off at the end of each session.

    Using Vielight 633 red

    1)Open the back cover by pressing the release button, hold it down and simultaneously slide open the back cover. Insert a 1.5V AA battery.

    2) Fully insert the jack plug into the socket

    3) Set the applicator lens deep inside notse, with the clip on the outside.

    4)Press the button to switch the unit on. A single beep with sount

    5)The unit will remain switched on for 25 minutes. indicator lights will blink throughout the session. The number of blinking indicator lights will reduce over time, which is indicative of the remaining time.

    6)At the end of the session, the unit will beep three times and then switches off. The unit may be switched off at mid-session by pressing the button.

    Replacing the battery

    1) replace the battery when the Control unit beeps 5 times continuously or when the low battery indicator blinks (NOte: remove the battery if the equipment is not likely to be used for some time.)

    2)To access the battery compartment, open the back cover by pressing the release button, hold it down, and simultanteously slide open the back cover. Insert a 1.5V AA battery.

    Care & Cleaning

    1) to clean the applicator, gently wipe the surface with a cotton swab or a soft cloth moistened with hydrogen peroxide. You can wipte the applicator regularly with clean water.

    2)Use a soft, dry cloth or cotton swab to clean other surfaces. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Do not submerge the Applicator or Control Unit in water.

    3)Store the equipment in a dry location, free from dust, away from direct sunlight. the storage temperature should be within 10C and 40C.

    4)Clips are made of tough, hig-impact plastic materials. However, excessive bending can cause permanent deformation or breakage.



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