Deprenyl (Selegiline, Dep-Pro™)

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15ml 300mg Liquid


Deprenyl - The Versatile Antiaging Smart Drug

By protecting dopamine levels in the brain, Deprenyl is a cognitive enhancing smart drug that works to improve brain function, facilitate faster cognitive actions and improve concentration. 


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  • DepPro - A liquid deprenyl/selegiline

    300mg Selegiline - 15ml

    DepPro provides titration of accurate amounts of deprenyl (also known as selegiline). Deprenyl at low doses acts as a MAO-b inhibitor to improve brain levels of dopamine.

    Directions: Take 1 to 5 drops daily or as directed by your physician. Carefully place the drops into a cold liquid such as water or juice. Note: Highly citric juices such as grapefruit will increase the absorption uptake and should be used with caution.

    Note: Keep out of reach of children. Protect from heat, light and moisture. Not for use by pregnant or lactating women. Do not use after the expiration date. Always follow the advice of your health professional.

    Disclaimer: This product and its statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Serving Size: 1 drop

    Servings per container: 300

    Amount per serving: Selegiline HCL  1mg*

    Other ingredients: Potassium sorbet, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Xanthan Gum, Citric acid, Sodium citrate, Sterile water.

    *% Daily value not established

    Suitable for vegetarians


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